Orlando nightlife no longer feels safe with violent and chaotic trends increasing

Here in Orlando, we live with the Pulse Nightclub tragedy that took 49 of our neighbors. There is no forgetting that night that changed our community 6 years ago, and even though we’ll still go out and enjoy ourselves late at night, we remain vigilant of the potential for violence.

Last night in downtown Orlando, six people were shot on Wall Street. If you’ve ever been to a Wall Street party, you know there is barely any space to move around once the crowd grabs you.

Last weekend we had a scare at Universal City Walk, which thankfully wasn’t gun related, but rather a large melee that had to be broken up by police.

Earlier that day we had a shooting scare at the Florida Mall caused by fireworks.

And fireworks also caused the nationally televised panic at the “Fireworks at the Fountain” which took place the same day as another mass shooting in Highland Park in Chicago on the Fourth of July.

It seems like anytime we’re out in Orlando after 10pm, it feels like we’re in an environment that isn’t safe and that’s a problem.

In my 20s, I had a fair amount of experience going out in Orlando. It was fun. Never did I believe that I was in any danger.

What happened?

Well, there are more people. The numbers speak for themselves. Perhaps we need more safety measures.

We need to encourage our bartenders to stop over-serving. We need to increase our vision downtown with more cameras. It may be time to reorganize that mess on Wall Street that takes place every Saturday.

But something needs to be done. Six people were hurt in a shooting last night. Action must be taken to break this dangerous trend.

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