Concept taxing predatory home investors exploiting Orlando should be embraced by local leaders

Yesterday, a group of local lawmakers suggested an idea that makes perfect sense (story HERE).

Making the out of state home investors that have ruined the Orlando housing market, pay for the damage that they’re doing to our families.

This would be done in the form of a tax charged to these invaders who only care about their bottom line.

And every Orlando elected official should be embracing it.

This is because predatory out of state investors, in collaboration with their accomplices here in the Orlando real estate market, have made it impossible for the average working family to afford their rent. And they’ve also made it almost impossible for younger home buyers hoping to build a future here in Orlando to buy a home.

And they’re scarfing up units everyday.

Orlando doesn’t even own Orlando anymore.

The idea is going to get pitched to the Orange County Commission, and they should immediately adapt it and promote it in anyway possible.

If they don’t, they’ll once again be selling their souls to Orlando Real Estate.

Especially, Mayor Jerry Demings, who has already chosen his real estate donors over his own constituents (story HERE).

Even though the entire premise of his Orange County Transportation Penny Sales Tax is based off of a study that it will be funded by out of area visitors (which was funded by a tourism agency by the way).

But if supporters of that initiative believe it to be true, they should also support this measure as one of the cures for the worst rental crisis in our region’s history.

These vultures put us here. They should have to pay to help get us out.

Let’s get behind this plan and try to make it a reality as quickly as possible.

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