Many of the major statewide Florida candidates aren’t talking about veterans issues in 2022

As we move closer and closer towards November, voters all over the state of Florida are getting educated on the major statewide candidates running for office. These are the candidates for governor, senate, and cabinet positions (Attorney General, Chief Financial Officer, Commissioner of Agriculture).

Sadly, as I was going website to website on all of these candidates only two of about a dozen of them have anything regarding veterans on their campaign sites.

This doesn’t mean they don’t care about veterans. Many of them have a healthy track record on veterans issues. But we still face many challenges such as homelessness, suicide, and military to civilian to transition.

Unfortunately, it does mean that we’re moving towards another election season where veterans affairs doesn’t make the main conversation in the campaign dialog. That could still change. But it probably won’t with everything going on in the state.

And sadly, Florida midterms aren’t exempt from neglecting veterans issues. Presidential elections in 2012 and 2016 almost completely ignored the challenges we’re facing. The 2020 presidential election had a conversation on veterans issues during a prime time debate, which was a pleasant surprise.

But this year, it doesn’t even look like we’re going to have anything online to look at either.

It’s really difficult to understand why. In Florida, where we’ve have razor thin election results, you would think that these candidates would try to explain their plan to as many people as possible. But here we are, with early voting underway in the primary and no one has stood out on veterans issues.

I really wish that wasn’t the case. It’s not good for Florida. And it’s certainly not good for Florida veterans, who are already facing so many obstacles to prospering here.

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