Further investigation is needed into threats against Taylor County Veterans Service Officer

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Disturbing news out of Taylor County, Wisconsin, this week where a Veterans Service Officer had to resigned over threats she was receiving from county board members. She filed a police report over the matter (story HERE).

What is exactly is going in Taylor County?

The board also placed this VSO on leave in April with no apparent explanation. She was eventually reinstated.

I’m trying to identify what veteran related matters would allow things to escalate like this. There was a controversy over locked doors in a local courthouse some time back (story HERE).

But something happened along the line to make people feel unsafe and that’s not right.

And while safety and following the law here is paramount, I’m also concerned about what will happen to these veterans in Taylor County without a Veterans Service Officer. Often times the wait for benefits is long enough without these kind of events.

Obviously, I’m not sure of the jurisdiction involved on these matters. A police report was filed, I’m sure some work must have already been done.

But let’s get to the bottom of this. And let’s get back to work doing what we should be doing and that is helping Taylor County veterans.

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