Twelve random thoughts from the 2022 Orlando primary elections

The Orlando 2022 primary elections are in the books, and there was a lot running through my head last night as the results were coming down. Some good. Some bad.

Here we go.

1. Jerry Demings didn’t debate once en route to reelection. That’s wrong. Leaders should defend ideas. He did not.

2. Nikki Fried‘s team never should have attacked Anna Eskamani (my state rep at the time). That was the moment she lost Orlando. And her campaign never felt the same afterwards.

3. That being said, I like Nikki (she checked on me when I was in the dirt). She got “Nan Riched” by Charlie Crist. I hope she comes back up soon.

4. Hooray for Rita Harris winning in HD44. We both worked for fair rent measures in Orlando this year. She’s a real one.

5. Boo for Travaris McCurdy losing in HD 41. We spoke about issues last session on a couple of occasions. His replacement has been invisible during his previous terms in the state legislature.

6. Orange County Commission District 6 will have a very “different” voice next year. We need media fact checkers all over that field in a very important race.

7. Nastiness lost in greater Orlando area congressional races last night.

8. Positivity won. Specifically, Maxwell Frost who had a lot of great energy in CD10. I would like to see a plan on veterans affairs though. He doesn’t even have the words “veterans” on his site.

9. Aramis Ayala technically beat “Death” last night. If you know, you know.

10. Geraldine Thompson accepted my invitation to discuss issues last session. Her opponent’s office declined and rushed me off of the phone. Congratulations State Senator-elect Thompson.

11. Name ID doesn’t mean anything in Orlando anymore if it’s not Dyer or Demings

12. I really hope Cory Mills in CD7 pushes to serve on the House Veterans Affairs Committee. We badly need another veteran voice from Florida on that body. We’ve got 1.7 millions of us here.

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