We need all Florida candidates for office to come together and pledge to end veterans suicides

The Florida primary elections are over. The family fights have ended. It’s time for the main event, as candidates for office all over the Sunshine State go to battle over who will lead.

But I have a request.

As the dialog begins, can we all pledge to end veterans suicides?

Everyone running for office.

Whether its for Governor or County Commission.

Whether you’re conservative, progressive, or moderate.

Whether you’re in Tallahassee or in Miami.

Let’s all come together and vow to do whatever we can to have our brothers and sisters stop ending their lives.

And not just a slogan or a website, or a phone number.

But a holistic approach through education, health care, and military to civilian transition strategies that prevents us from ever even falling into that dark place to begin with.

It matters here in Florida, where we’re still among the leaders in veterans taking their own lives.

And finding solutions to those tragedies starts by simply talking about it.

It’s really not that hard. But its not that “sexy” topic that gets people to tune in.

Really, most incumbents don’t even like to talk about it. They see it as a liability that can be used against them (and shame on the candidates that do weaponize this).

But simply mentioning it once during a televised debate would do a great deal in raising awareness to an entire state. If its during a nationally watched gubernatorial debate, then even better.

We can’t stop talking about it. If we stop talking about it, then nothing we’ll get done.

And that’s not good for any Floridian, regardless of who has their name called on election night.

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