More Orange County rental assistance is necessary, but just rewards bad Orlando real estate community partners

On Tuesday, the Orange County Commission approved an additional $15.8 million dollars in rental assistance for families suffering under the worst housing crisis in the region’s history.

And Orlando real estate was likely popping the champagne. They had just hustled Mayor Jerry Demings out of another payday. He continues to work for them.

The truth is that rental assistance is necessary. If we have the chance to offer Orlando families help, then we have to take it. We don’t have the luxury to turn that money down.

But this is a band-aid to place on a wound that was caused by Orlando landlords to begin with. And they will continue their vampire like behavior, trying to absorb these funds as quickly as possible. The leases will continue to go up. Families will continue to struggle and get kicked out of their homes.

And Orlando real estate investors couldn’t be happier at the community their destroying. What do they care?

The truth is that this is what they wanted all along. And when you pair that with the actions being taken by the City of Orlando, the people responsible for this crisis are continuing to get wealthier.

When are we going to install real reforms?

The answer is likely never. Not as long as our elected leaders continue to do nothing.

Our only hope is that this assistance can get some of these families through the holidays. We saw a spike in evictions around Christmas time last year.

Rental assistance is coming in Orange County. But its a victory for real estate special interests in the area. Not families.

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