“Air DeSantis” flight to Martha’s Vineyard is a sloppy but effective, Trump rivaling 2024 primary power play

On Tuesday, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis sent 50 migrant workers to Martha’s Vineyard in Massachusetts on two chartered planes, and set social media off in a debate over the treatment of immigrants.

His critics call it human trafficking.

His admirers call it a groundbreaking relocation program.

Its that second group that Ron DeSantis really cares about.

This is because with this move, DeSantis cements himself not only as a number #2 to former President Donald Trump in the 2024 GOP primary, but makes himself a clear rival that could steal the show from him.

With this move DeSantis out MAGA’d Donald Trump.

Now, while the Governor may have that crowd cheering at their FOX news broadcast tonight, it also projects a few other messages.

DeSantis could care less about his current gubernatorial reelection opponent, Charlie Crist. And he really doesn’t care about any votes he may lose to those who are moderate on immigration reform.

This is Ron DeSantis’ border wall. He is going to be bragging about “Air DeSantis” at every fundraising speaking engagement for the immediate future.

You might be asking about what actual non election ramifications this may have on immigration in Florida.

I don’t think the governor really cares. If anything, after this reaction you may see even more stunts like this one in the coming months.

And you’ll also see other 2024 Republican hopefuls step up there actions on immigration with stunts on there own.

As for the migrants, they find themselves being instruments to send a message to the rest of the country that Ron DeSantis wants to challenge Joe Biden in 2024, and to Donald Trump that its not necessarily his GOP nomination for the taking.

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