AEW: #NationalScissoringDay turns into a social media win for Tony Khan and The Acclaimed

You’re probably here because you saw National Scissoring Day or #NationalScissoringDay trending on social media and wanted to know what it is.

Well, it’s from All Elite Wrestling and its tag team champions, The Acclaimed.

It ties in with their catch phrase “Scissor me daddy” which is accompanied by a hand gesture which does not translate well in print.

But naturally with a phrase like that trending, its bound to draw some curiosity.

Make no mistake though, its a humorous and easy win for AEW boss Tony Khan, Max Castor and Anthony Bowens.

Let’s go to the social media reactions…

From the man himself..

Anyways, this leads up to Wednesday Night Dynamite on TNT this evening. Should be a good show.

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