Trending: New York Mets fans actually booed Emma Stone for cheering the San Diego Padres tonight

“How in the hell do you boo Emma Stone?”

That was the question that ran through my head after checking to see why the “La La Land” Academy Award winning actress was trending tonight.

And of course it was sports related.

What had happened was Stone was in attendance at game one of the National League Wildcard Series between the New York Mets and the San Diego Padres.

And Stone was wearing Padres gear. At Citi Field. In New York.

The crowd then rained down boos on Stone when she appeared on the big screen and then social media started to have their say…

Lets go to the reactions..

Stone was unbothered. The Padres defeated the Mets 7-1.

The only known way to irk Emma Stone is to bring up her casting in “Aloha”. Other than that, good luck. You’re not going to rattle Cruella De Vil. that easily.

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