The White Lotus: Viewers might be rooting for this character to die

After what seemed like forever, we are finally back at the White Loutus, this time we’re trading in Hawaii for Sicily, as the second season kicked off on Sunday night.

We got another dead body tease on the beach during the open, instead of one body belonging to a major character there could be more, and just like last season we don’t know who it is.

Then we had the obligatory boat ride, where we saw the return of the delightful Tanya (Emmy Award Winner for her first season of work, Jennifer Coolidge) and met Valentina, this White Lotus’ manager, who was dreadfully blunt. We also met two couples with Harper (played by the awesome Aubrey Plaza) and Ethan, and Daphne and Cameron, who all traveled together, but Daphne made it clear that they would not be connecting their rooms.

We also met Bert, Dominic, and Albie, three generations of an Italian family, making a pilgrimage to the area. And Bert farted in front of Isabella who works at the resort to set the tone.

And finally, Tanya reunited with her now husband, Greg, who was ticked that she brought her assistant, Portia. So, Tanya did what we expected her to do and confined Portia to her room to make her husband happy. The problems continued when Tanya threw Greg off during sex because she “disassociated” and he insulted her weight a few times during the episode. Clear verbally abusive behavior.

Next Valentina had two kick, Lucia the escort and Mia, who were waiting on one of our boat guests, but we weren’t sure who. It was not pleasant. What was also not pleasant was Dom’s phone call with his estranged wife or ex-wife, who absolutely cursed him out. Yikes.

The rough phone calls also continued with Portia crying to a friend about being abused and just wanting to get thrown around by “some hot Italian guy”. But she met Albie and the two hit it off.

Then it was uncomfortable conversation time, with our two couples. And Harper doesn’t watch Ted Lasso. Big red flag there. If she kills anyone, remember that line. Then Cameron just got undressed in front of Harper when they ran to the room for a quick change in a really creepy move.

Anyways, everything got worse at dinner.

The couples continued their uncomfortable narrative, Tanya caught Portia in the dining room and shooed her away, and our three family guys had an uncomfortable conversation about sex at 80 years old.

Later we learned it was Dominic who actually arranged to have sex with Lucia in his room, while Mia got hit on by Giuseppe the lounge singer, who thought she was for hire too, which got him a drink to the face.

In the rooms, Harper told Ethan that Cameron got undressed behind her but he didn’t think it was serious. Greg was hiding something from Tanya (likely an affair) and called her fat again. And in what was a surprisingly anti-climatic way to end the premiere, Dominic and Lucia continued their business transaction when the credits appeared.

It’s a great start to the second season though. Some quick thoughts.

Harper seems to be the most independent thinker in her group. The first season didn’t end well for the head strong members of the trip.

Who’s body is floating in the water?

Bert may die on this trip due to his health. Greg certainly deserves to, for the abusive way he’s treating our Tanya. Mind you, that doesn’t mean he will. Cameron is another shady one for getting undressed in front of his buddy’s wife, but it was Harper that foudn the body. Once again, look at the first season. People don’t always get what they deserve.

Finally, on a positive note, Albie and Portia seem inevitable.

Great premiere. The show didn’t lose that unique dynamic between the way these characters interact and if it keeps up, we could be in for another great time.

See you next week!

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