FS1: Shannon Sharpe on Kyrie Irving “Its sad that this is what he’s become”

Kyrie Irving once again found himself in the spotlight of controversy over the weekend for a social media post with anti-Semitic content. He also defended his behavior in a heated press conference with the media.

This morning on Undisputed, Shannon Sharpe and Skip Bayless discussed Kyrie Irving and his posture over the past few days.

“Freedom of speech in America does not mean does not mean you’re free of consequences in America.” said Sharpe “Just throwing stuff out there. It’s just sad that this is what he’s become.”

Among those condeming Irving’s remarks is Brooklyn Nets owner, Joe Tsai who said he was “disappointed”.

Skip Bayless also echoed the regret of Irving’s actions “Unfortunately for him he makes $37 million dollars to represent a very big business in the Brooklyn Nets that plays for a bigger business in the NBA.” and continued “My bottom line takeaway if I can go all the way to the end of this, if Kyrie can knows it or not, he is condemning the Bible on two fronts.”

“When do they think it’s going to stop” Sharpe asked rhetorically, “It’s not”.

You can watch clip below.

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