Ghosts: “Hold up! You have a toy room too?”

Another new episode of Ghosts this week, and are favorite stuck spirits had whole new family issue to deal with. But not before the cold open where Sass asked for the nice chair bathed in a “shaft of light” that Jay was sitting in. Sass got the shaft. Until Hetty traded it for backrubs. If you think that sounds dirty, then just you wait.

At a garage sale, Sam spotted another viking ghost. This while Jay mistakenly tipped off some swingers. Sam then learned the viking’s name was Bjorn.

He was actually, Thor’s son. When given the news, Thor couldn’t believe he was so close over such a long period of time to his boy, but he was still stuck on the property. Then they had another flashback to Bjorn’s. I really enjoy these.

In a substory, Trevor monopolized all of the other ghost’s TV time to watch 90s figure skating rom-com, The Cutting Edge. And I’m on his side because that is a fun *bleeping* film.

Back to Thor, where he was bummed out because Bjorn married his Danish enemies (but Benedict Arnold was reportedly a fun dinner guest according to Issac). And Sam and Jay teased the swingers again while putting together the reunion. Thor refused to speak to Bjorn who was waiting in a window across the way.

Hetty then had a heart to heart with Trevor and convinced him to give back the TV time (she was playing him). And the swingers started undressing in front of Jay (Shout out to the direction on the music. That was creepy).

Strange that the scariest thing I’ve seen on a show about Ghosts, is a bunch of older people getting undressed for an orgy.

And also nicely strange, is that the reunion between to viking ghosts could be so heartwarming.

This was the best episode of the second season (so far). It was fun and flew by. Great stuff.

See you next time!

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