Fire Country: “Because the horse is uncooperative”

We’re back with a new episode of Fire Country this week, and we began with Bode dreaming of swimming in a lake with Gabriella, before the rude awakening of still being in firefighter jail. He did get an appointment as “first saw” which I guess is a leadership position.

And Uncle Luke (the character, not the rapper), the Cal Fire flack, showed up for a pep talk for Bode.

But after taking a week off, the fire returned as well and Bode used a chainsaw to cut down a branch that was about 3 ft tall to the applause of his teammates.

We then caught up with Sharon after her scary fall ending last weeks ep. Her sickness may have worsened which could put her out of reach for the clinical trial. We had a short scene of Jake (who’s awfully annoying) with Gabriella, who took her phone and saw that Bode was calling her.

He confronted her about it but she didn’t back down. On their way to a new fire, Sharon told Vince about Luke being in town and the work he is trying to do to open up some more resources.

And in a brilliant attempt to create entertaining television on a budget, we had the team spend minutes trying to open up a locked gate. Freddie suffered a bad cut and Bode wanted him to get it looked at.

Bode and Gabriella got to catch up on site while Vince discovered that a horse, Henry, didn’t want to leave the barn despite the fire. While you and I would have let Henry get barbecued, this is CBS television and the team had to save him.

Freddie was also nursing his injury and was holding up process and leading to Manny sidelining him. Manny wasn’t done and decided to get in a father-daughter fight with Gabriella.

In a heartbreaking scene, Sharon’s disease had gotten worse. I’ll goof on this show all day but some great acting here.

Then the kid from the family decided she didn’t want to leave Henry behind. The team had to find water in the middle of nowhere and Bode got to flex his first saw muscle.

Vince and Bode had to save the kid from a burning barn, and in a nicely shot sequence managed to also save the horse. I was interested here.

Unfortunately, more Gabriella and Jake. Unpopular couples can hurt a show. Fire Country needs to learn this. Bode and Freddie got chewed out by Manny and the latter got thrown off of active fire duty. Bode learned that he’s still there because of his mom and got kicked off of first saw.

You could say he came. He “saw”. He got fired.

Finally, Sharon told Vince about her bad news. Good drama there.

And the show wrapped with Luke questioning Manny about his secrets with Sharon. This revealed that Luke was actually after her job. Then reenacting his dream, Bode caught up with Gabriella where she told him the truth about the phone call and teased romance.

Not the best episode. Not the worst. See you next week!

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