Saturday Night Live: Viewers will wonder which Dave Chappelle we’ll be getting on post election show

Durnig what was a slow show last night with Amy Schumer (story HERE), Saturday Night Live announced that Dave Chappelle would be hosting next week with musical guest Black Star.

Now, Chappelle has been a regular post election host since the 2016 election and has usually done great work each time. But the legendary comedian has retreated to more stand offish positions in recent years, from controversial comments about the LGBTQ community to opposing affordable housing in communities he has ties in.

Which Dave Chappelle will show up next week?

Will we get the comedian who is one of the best to ever do it? Is he going to kick off the show with a solid stand up monologue thoughtfully reflecting on the elections?

Or will he look to rub salt in the wounds of an audience that will likely disagree with mid term results that will precede his appearance.

It will likely be a mixture of both.

But Saturday Night Live has a history of rolling with the punches on controversial guests. They let Donald Trump host. They gave Morgan Wallen multiple chances to appear on the show.

They understand that angry eyes will still likely tune in. What else are you going to do around midnight on a Saturday night?

At least it likely won’t become what is the biggest enemy of this show. Become boring. Dave Chappelle does a lot of things. Boring is not one of them.

And he’ll likely bring along some guest stars with him.

It’s should be an exciting show.

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