The White Lotus: “I guess we’re all snobs in different ways”

We’re back in Sicily for the second episode of the second season of the White Lotus, and it’s morning time when our vacationers are up early for a jog, and the hookers are also up early to leave their clients as we kick off this episode.

Tanya and Greg, went to breakfast which meant Portia had to bolt but ended up finding Albie (followed shortly by Bert and Dominic). Harper got trapped at a table with Cameron and Daphne without Ethan who had return from his run and went back to his room to pleasure himself, and was promptly caught by his wife after breakfast…Yikes..And then they got in a soft argument over Daphne and Cameron.

Meanwhile, Greg was strangely kind when listening to Tanya’s perfect day in Italy. I don’t trust that dude. But she did get her Vespa fantasy (after getting called Peppa Pig by Valentina lol).

And Dominic vouched for his prostitute Lucia, and her friend Mia to Valentina at the front desk in a sharply written exchange. And they promptly went on a shopping spree under his room number.

Then Cameron created another creepy moment with Harper by grabbing her foot while she was swimming. And he made it clear that he wanted her to like him.

Before we knew it, the dinner hour was upon us. And our two couples decided they wanted to discuss sex habits out in the open, and then pivoted to a bad experience Daphne had during childbirth. Bert and Dominic got on each other about the latter’s cheating, Portia opened up to Albie, and the reason Greg was being so nice to Tanya was because he had to leave Italy.

And that response from Tanya chewing out Greg might have earned Jennifer Coolidge at least another Emmy nomination.

But at least Portia got a kiss from Albie. And his dad decided to party with Lucia and Mia, as Burt listened resentfully from nearby.

The episode ended on a downer with Tanya overhearing Greg talking to someone on the phone confirming he’s having an affair with someone.

Great episode. Valentina’s Peppa Pig line had me rolling. I already can’t wait until next week.


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