Lopez vs. Lopez: “No one wants to be the second dead body on the driveway”

And we’re back with a new Lopez vs. Lopez this week, as Mayan continues getting used to her dad living with her. This week, we got to learn about her anxiety and the medication she has to take in order to keep it in check.

In order to make everyone feel safer, George decided to make the house more secure. This included installing motion detecting lasers (really they were just laser pointers taped to the wall). Unfortunately, this lead to George also being critical of Quintin’s ability to protect his family, and setting off Mayan’s anxiety detection device.

It also gave us another fight, which was the most entertaining part of the show (more on this later). But also gave George an anxiety attack. This lead to George and Mayan accepting each other’s conditions.

We have to talk about the jokes. Almost all of them missed. Only “You’re trying to kill me and I’m already dying” managed to get a reaction from me.

The banter, which worked during the pilot, missed this week. And the Oscar character is completely unfunny.

So, yeah, it wasn’t a very good week.

We have to examine what kind of formula they use going forward. It doesn’t have to be classic Lopez laugh a minute stuff every week, but there needs to be some work done.

They also might need to get out of that house. It felt almost claustrophobic this week.

But hey, its on in the middle of the Friday night entertainment desert. You tweak some things here and there and hope for the best.

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