Saturday Night Live: Dave Chappelle proves too difficult to be cancelled

Dave Chappelle has had a truly unique evolution as a comedian. With his name on one of the funniest shows of all time, he’s developed a distaste for being famous and over the last 15 years or so has pushed back against it, deciding to do his kind of comedy. And he still succeeds despite his edgy jokes that have offended many.

That success continued last night on Saturday Night Live, where he hosted during what has become his traditional post election spot.

The cold open of the show was fine with Cecily Strong doing her usual strong work, as Arizona GOP gubernatorial nominee Kari Lake.

Then Chappelle took the stage for 15 minutes and held nothing back addressing matters like Kanye West, Kyrie Irving and antisemitism. He pulled a really big truth card on Donald Trump that we hadn’t heard in sometime. While it wasn’t all punchlines (he doesn’t really operate like that anymore) it was thought provoking.

The rest of the skits were entertaining. The House of the Dragon spot featuring many of his old Chappelle show characters was funny, so were the segments in the barber shop and on the morning show.

Weekend Update continued their winning streak last night after years of giving me headaches. Black Star wasn’t for me, but SNL music is all about exposure to every kind of genre possible. In that regard it was a success.

Overall, not a bad show. And an FTR poll showed strong approval of Chappelle’s monologue.

We’re on a break until December 3rd where we’ll get Keke Palmer and Sza.

See you then!

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