The White Lotus: Tanya may already be doomed

Oh, Tanya, the most aloof and lovably lost protagonist we’ve had on a successful television show since Michael Scott. She’s really gotten herself into a jam this time.

Stumbling across Quinten and Jack as lovers during the conclusion of last night’s episode all but guarantees that she’s falling victim to a scam to get her money, or possibly some weird cult where anything isn’t out of the question. The group is almost certainly not normal.

But, when you look at the alternative, her regular life may not be all that terrific anyways.

Quentin and Jack? Or Greg?

Many of us have forgotten about the verbally abusive Greg, who was only supposed to be gone two days. He’s almost certainly cheating on her. And he signed a prenuptial agreement putting him out of reach of her fortune.

Let the conspiracy begin.

Greg could be Quentin’s long lost lover. After the opera we sit down and listen to Quentin describe the only person he’s ever loved who is curiously from the same area of the country as Greg. Fans believe this could be some sort of twisted plan for a reunion and for the trio to end up with Tanya’s half a billion dollars.

But even if they’re not connected, is Greg what Tanya really needs?

Most of us in Tanya’s situation understand what we would do. Jump on a plane and get out of there. Divorce Greg. And start over.

But this is the White Lotus. Where happy endings aren’t not only not guaranteed but unlikely. Showrunners may have Tanya return to her abusive relationship. Just like Alexandria Daddario’s tragic failed journalist from the first season.

We should be nervous for Tanya. And hope she’s not floating in the sea when the finale rolls around.

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