Fire Country: “I’m taking a calculated risk, homie”

We’re back with a new Fire Country or “Gambling with Manny”, as the show kicks off with Manny trying to hit blackjack while digging himself and his daughter deeper into debt.

And Sharon was back from California and feeling great. So, Vince decided to tell her that it was him that decided to get her thrown on medical leave, starting a fight in the process. This actually was a strong scene. Good acting here.

Next we catch up with Bode and his firefighting Con Air Summer Camp while out on a nature walk with criminals they just let wander around. Rebecca would come up in the conversation. She’s the right one for Bode, but y’all insist on Gabriela who is getting ready to move in with Jake.

Then Freddy saves Manny’s life as a wild driver collides with another vehicle leaving a brother and sister hanging off of a cliff on a bridge.

And… our heroes are stuck in traffic. “I just can’t plow through traffic, Eve” says Jake.

Why not? Doesn’t that vehicle have sirens. Aren’t those drivers supposed to be getting out of the way?

I am going to continue to goof on this show, but it was a nice arc having the parents of the crash victims further behind in the traffic.

Then Manny, using Blackjack logic lobbies to save the sister, while letting the brother remain in the vehicle and potentially fall (taking a calculated risk, homie). Vince, having flashbacks to the Bode and Riley accident that killed his daughter, is worried.

And then, these writers, in typical CBS drama fashion decide to bring the parents to the trapped kids and waste my time on some family dog I’ve never heard of and a pet rat named Cinderella that lived five years.

I thought I was drunk. What the hell was that?

Bless these supporting actors for givings us their best, on perhaps the worst written scene I’ve seen in a long time. The flashbacks that followed were drowned out in my laughter.

And where is the fire in Fire Country?! Goodness!

Then if I wasn’t already fueled off of laughter and bewilderment, the show springs this Luke and Sharon angle at me. I was done.

But this wild ride wasn’t, and they decided to try and rescue these kids. As the brother came to, Bode decided to jump in the car.

And the car went over the cliff. Our fall finale ends not on a cliff hanger but on a cliff faller.

Fire Country is winning in the ratings. I may be laughing here. But showrunners are laughing at the bank.

This may make them lazy. It could inspire them to write better. I don’t know. But I’ll still be here.

See you next time!

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