After “Babylon” and “Amsterdam” poor receptions, Margot Robbie needs “Barbie” to break Box Office malaise

Listen. We all love Margot Robbie.

The talented and gorgeous super star who brought Harley Quinn to life is someone we instantly recognize, and can root for.

But she’s on kind of a losing streak.

Of her last five major releases, four of them have been box office duds and we need to start asking if she’s really capable of opening a film.

Babylon is the hot topic of the post Christmas week, with a poor box office draw that leaves its financial viability in question. At least its getting some awards show recognition, but these headlines could throw cold water on that. I haven’t seen it. But that’s the problem. Isn’t it?

Amsterdam left us all with high hopes. But we were left wondering what we just watched when it was all over. That ridiculously talented cast, including Robbie, really let us down didn’t they? It might be my biggest disappointment of the year.

The Suicide Squad was fun. We can keep this one.

Birds of Prey was also fun but no one watched it. Many would tell you the film was doomed from the moment they chose to not name it “Harley Quinn”. Many were right.

Bombshell also wasn’t really Robbie’s fault and she also had good company on this sinking ship with Nicole Kidman and Charlize Theron also tarnishing their Oscar wins with this Christmas miss in a hyper competitive field. At least it did get her the Oscar nomination.

At what point do we start asking questions?

Next up. Barbie. Greta Gerwig directing and Ryan Gosling co starring gives me hope. But the early look of the movie and tough summer competition once again puts Robbie in an unadvantageous position.

She needs a win. We may not want to point that out because she’s great but a lot of people are passing on her movies.

At least she’ll always have Harley Quinn. Maybe give us an easy HBO Plus outing ala “Peacemaker”. Give us that if Barbie doesn’t land right.

But we have to do something.

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