Sale of WWE should be a concern of Orlando business leaders

Some of the events that have been the most fun to cover in Orlando in the past have involved World Wrestling Entertainment or the WWE.

We’ll never forget when the WWE opened its operation at Full Sail. It was a large scale spectacle that drew the governor, both mayors, and elected officials at all levels.

And we certainly won’t forget both of the Wrestlemanias that took place at Camping World Stadium. Orlando is the only city to host Wrestlemania three times (including the pandemic show at the performance center).

Orlando is also the training ground for the wrestling superstars of the future. Its arguably the most important city for the organization outside of Connecticut, where their headquarters is located.

Which is why we should all be watching the WWE for the next few days as its boss, Vince McMahon, considers the sale of the company he turned into a global giant with the likes of superstars like Dwayne Johnson, John Cena and Dave Bautista.

The goal should be to convince any new owners of the WWE to not only maintain its assets in the 407, but to make it the headquarters outright.

Yes, I’m talking about moving WWE headquarters to Orlando if the company is sold. Connecticut is lovely but its not the hub of activity that Orlando is now.

There are many WWE Superstars who already live here. When they’re not traveling 300 days a year, they’re right here in our community. We should preserve that.

The next couple of months will be an important time for a company that has been operating in the background of our community for some time now, and the goal should be to increase their role here, not to lose it altogether.

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