The #SaveWarriorNun trolls are doing more damage than good

Listen, I get it.

The networks and streamers make bad decisions. There are TV shows that should not have been cancelled, that were. And others that I ask my self why they’re still on the air (looking at you “Welcome to Flatch”).

Warrior Nun may or may not have been done wrong. I don’t know. I didn’t watch the show.

But the trolls online with their spamming of #SaveWarriorNun are starting to become aggressive towards the fans of other programs and are obstructing the delivery of information for other fans who just want to read about their shows without harassment.

Think of it as protesters blocking off a road to grocery stores, hospitals, office buildings and more, just because their favorite hot dog stand closed.

You may object to me comparing Warrior Nun to a hot dog stand but if the numbers were there we wouldn’t be here to begin with. Kind of like those same protesters not even going to the hot dog stand when it was open.

There are better ways to do this. Take “Our Flag Means Death”, another show that I did watch but didn’t enjoy but still managed to get a second life. The online campaigns didn’t take the obnoxious route. Instead, they used a combination of tactics across several channels. And it worked.

The same trolls advocating for Warrior Nun are the same ones who went to McDonalds and started trashing the restaurant because they didn’t have the Mulan nugget sauce from Rick and Morty. There is a limit.

And its getting to a point, where Netflix would almost be giving into this kind of online abuse if they did restore the show. And that’s unfortunate for the cast and crew.

This is not the way. Be better.

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