Fire Country: Post AFC Championship promo teases controversial organ donation debate

There was no new Fire Country last night in its normal Friday night slot. Loyal viewers of the new hit show will no doubt have noticed that.

This is because CBS has decided to give the already renewed action drama the coveted post NFL AFC Championship slot, which will no doubt pop a big number and introduce more eyeballs to the product (story HERE).

The network has also introduced a new cast member, and the promo teases a debate between Bode and Sharon over whether the son should be allowed to donate a kidney to his mom to save her life.

“If you let me save your life, you’d be saving mine.” Bode can be heard saying in the commercial.

But what has been eating at me is the name of the show “Two Pink Lines”. What does that mean?

My first instinct was a pregnancy test. The description of the show has been that they will introduce a new member of the family but that has to be the new cast member. Right? Why all the hype if that’s not it?

Is it a country song? Is it something on the map illustrating the 400 acre fire that the team will be fighting? What is it?

All of this is of course great build for the show. If we’re talking about it, then that means even more viewers are thinking about it.

And the runway appears to be clear for the showcase with no competition on free TV and only “The Last of Us” on HBO, but that’s on premium TV and airing an hour earlier.

Should be a fun night. Be sure to check back on Monday morning for my review!

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