Poker Face: Explaining the end of “The Orpheus Syndrome”

Another solid episode of “Poker Face” has dropped this week, written and directed by Charlie Cale herself, Natasha Lyonne, as she tries to unravel the mystery of a corrupt movie special effects house executive trying to cover up a murder.

The ending was another wild one with Laura (Cherry Jones) being exposed for the death of her two partners, including Arthur (played by the awesome Nick Nolte), after poisoning them and making them either jump or collapse to their respective deaths.

Laura’s own death was a little confusing. She too would jump to her death, but for no apparent reason. At least not obvious beyond the realm of special effects which is kind of the point.

During the dedication, Laura starts to see her dead partners everywhere. She stumbles out of the ceremony and eventually follows the vision of her other partner, Max, right off the balcony to her demise.

This may have been the most confusing ending to an episode yet. But you could still figure it out.

Worth mentioning that the wax statue to fool face ID was done last year in “Hacks” on HBO. It was also good to see Luis Guzman in more successful work in addition to his Gomez Addams duties.

Next week looks to be a doozy with an episode directed by Rian Johnson himself and with guest stars Joseph Gordon Leavitt and Stephanie Hsu.

You know I’ll be there and you probably will too .

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