Night Court: “Satan is a big fan of your work”

That’s what I’m talking about! This is Night Court!

“Blood Moon Binga” did everything right. It’s what I believe, or hope, that Melissa Rauch and showrunners were trying to accomplish with this revival.

Let’s talk about all the wins individually.

We have to discuss Faith Ford. A perfect casting that did a wonderful job as both Abby’s Abracadabra’s mom, and in my head, as Harry’s wife. The dynamic with Dan was just perfect. This is exactly how many of us would have drawn this all out in our head. It demonstrates an understanding of the audience. Let’s bring back Faith again soon please.

The defendants were all spectacular. The “Wiffwolf”. The Satan worshipper grandma that complimented Dan with the title of this post. The body swapped pair in the courtrooms. We had the gimmick of Blood Moon Binga that let all of these jokes fly.

And let’s talk about the jokes. High LPMs this week (laughs per minute). Everyone was good. Abracadabra, Dan, Olivia, Gurgs, even Neil “got to eat” this week with his crush on Abby (what is Rand going to think of that?).

It was really just so good. No criticisms this week. I’m talking about “Bare Naked Ladies” praise for this episode that has me hopeful that they’ve got the formula down and its only going to get better.

When running on all cylinders, Night Court, is some of the best sitcom TV out there. And I’m happy that the new model can hit those same speeds.

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