Alaska Daily: Show is reverting to bad habits after unnecessarily long winter break

Regardless of what happens to Alaska Daily after its first season, the story that will define its introductory campaign is the almost four month long layoff that it was put on during a “winter break”.

But as the show tries to regain its footing from the long time away, its also reverting to some bad storytelling habits that it suffered from, before the show went on that ridiculously long hiatus.

The show actually started off on a sweet note with Eileen showing up outside of Gabriel’s door with a sign and forcing him to go to work. Now, I’m not ready to declare Eileen the Ted Lasso of journalists but it was probably the nicest thing she’s done since the show has started. She was impossible during the first few episodes.

Then the problems started. Alaska Daily once again got bogged down in preachiness and a melancholy sentiment towards its own existence. They got Toby Crenshaw indicted for the Gloria murder, but hes probably not the guy.

We moved forward with the sales angle. Something that is actually very relevant in the news industry, but it was a terribly boring flight, and I could care less about the Pritchards.

Then in what was an attempt to get more mileage out of the Gabriel angle, they made him throw bricks off a cliff to get him inspired again.

I’m sorry Gabriel. But its been almost half a year since you broke that eco terrorist story. Viewers can’t remember why you’re as likable as you are.

Where does Alaska Daily go now? Well, it finishes whatever this is and waits. But we need a lot more caffeine if we get another season.

If you like reading about how Alaska Daily was put on a long break that put its future in jeopardy, please help me out below. Thank you.

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