The Company You Keep: Dumping the secret made everything better

The Company You Keep was back with a new episode this week, and the fallout from Charlie and Emma putting all of their cards on the table, was a newfound freedom that made everyone more interesting.

And I’m going to start with the Hills because up to this point, they’ve been the least interesting. Notice I said “least interesting” because they’re not necessarily boring, they’re just not in the same league and the Nicoletti family of cons, and the show drops a gear when they take over.

The show took a step in correcting that this week with the reveal that Emma’s dad had an affair with the political fixer. I didn’t see it coming, but its exactly the shot in the arm that the entire angle needed. Now, they can do a bunch of stuff. We had that cool scene with Emma and Daphne. They could bring the campaign into the mix. And what’s Emma’s mom going to do when she finds out that her husband hasn’t been faithful?

I might be more scare of her than all of these gangsters.

Sarah Wayne Callies also continued her strong work this week. The art heist has been done many times before, but I like the placement of the fake. And I also liked having Charlie in the truck for a short time while Birdie led the con. Ollie’s dad angle and her ASL talk with her mom at the end just made everything better.

The show pitched a winning game this week. I’m even more invested. I’ll see you next time.

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