Fire Country: This guest starring role is a Kane Brown acting and spin-off tryout

The Best Good Bad show on television has a very special guest star this week. Fire Country will welcome country music superstar Kane Brown to the show. Brown is currently operating on top of his genre’s universe, and has made it no secret that he wants to branch out and see where his talents take him.

This week, it will take him to CBS’ blue chip show, which according to the ratings, has as much potential as he does.

Including spin-offs and other acting gigs. This is where they both come in.

“Brown makes his acting debut as Robin, an enigmatic modern-day train hopper who helps injured patients” according to the show.

That sounds like a character with a story to tell if you’re asking me. It would be too easy for CBS to order something like that. And there have been other music and sports stars that have gotten their acting starts this exact way.

And let’s not pretend that CBS doesn’t like their spin-offs. They currently have three franchises…. Franchises. In rotation. CSI. NCIS. FBI. More dog-gone acronyms than you can keep track of.

Let’s hope that Brown can make this particular episode of Fire Country better. They didn’t build their compelling arsonist storyline as well as they could have. It ended too soon. And what happened to Sharon’s kidney disease? That has also gone MIA in recent weeks. The show has already been renewed, I suppose they could punt if they chose to.

But this weekend will belong to Brown and there should be a healthy audience watching.

Check back for a review on Saturday morning.

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