“Pathway for Military Combat Medics Act” will help veteran transition and nursing shortage in Florida

“The Pathway for Military Combat Medics Act” recently passed both chambers of the Florida legislature with unanimous support, in a step forward in solving the dire nursing shortage in the state, and making it easier for veteran to use their military training to help others after their service is completed.

SB 274 would allow Florida schools to award credits to military medics nursing credits (read more HERE).

One of the biggest problems veterans have with the occupational dimensions of their transition into civilian life is getting school credit for their work. I spent years handling records and delivering mail, and working with next level tech like PDF (it was a while ago).

But when I sat down with my college rep in Seminole County I was given zero college credit. Disheartening for sure. I’m happy that we continue to help future veterans by making their work mean something in the classroom.

And I don’t have to tell you about the nursing shortage in Florida. We’re burning out our nurses, and patients aren’t getting the care they need. There are few worse feelings than watching someone you love suffer because their not receiving the level of care they deserve.

This is good work by the legislature. Let’s keep chopping away at making the work our veterans do in the military count for something when their uniform gets packed away.

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