The Big Door Prize: The symbology of the Deer in Deerfield

This week on “The Big Door Prize” we got our Izzy centric episode, and the Mayor of Deerfield, who is also Cass’ mom has been the most volatile member of the cast in its first season, and she lived up to that reputation in this outing for sure.

But you’re here about the deer.

While the show doesn’t spell it out for you, its mentioned before that despite the name “Deerfield”, deers aren’t actually seen there. This is a faint but valid callback when Izzy, fresh off of setting the town verbally on fire, runs out to the street and spots one in the road.

Obviously, its symbolic. How? It gets more complicated from there.

Izzy’s actual card says “Ghost”. My first instinct was that the deer might be a ghost and there could be something supernatural at work.

But I actually believe the deer to be a harbinger of more concerning things to come.

We’ve only got a couple of episodes left this season. And it looks like the show is building up towards a significant event to end its freshman run. The deer could mean that the Morpho machine could be ready to have its impact felt on a larger scale in the coming episodes.

Heck, we don’t even know what “The Big Door Prize” actually means yet. What about the dots growing on Dustin’s rear?

What if Urie, the Sole Surivor, is actually the only one alive after Morpho throws something at the town?

The dominoes are stacked for drama. Izzy betrayed Cass, and the town might try to turn on her because of it. There is also some smoke waiting for Dusty and Trina too.

Solid episode. I’ll see you next time.

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